ASR Coat of Arms

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After browsing a few of the many websites concerning ASR (alt.sysadmin.recovery -- FAQ) I found a number of designs of their coat of arms but they all used either the North American or European version of the etherkiller. As I live in the UK I decided to re-make some of the designs using a UK version, the results of which can be seen below. All of these images are used in good faith and credit to the people that I got the original images from is given below. If you want me to remove my version of the coat of arms which was based upon your design please drop an e-mail to me at and I will remove it immediately. With that over, on to my interpretations.

Based on a design originally by D. Joseph Creighton
Available as a coat of arms or a standard
Based on Anthony DeBoer's third iteration with the red etherkiller designed to convey the danger of annoying the sysadmins
Available in GIF or gzipped xcf format.
Based on Anthony DeBoer's fifth iteration. It is a little less bright and in-your-face than the designs based on the 3rd or 5th iterations.
Available in GIF or gzipped xcf format.
Based on Anthony DeBoer's fifth iteration with the yellow backing on the band used to simulate yellow police tape (another American thing but used to good effect here)
Available in GIF or gzipped xcf format.

The xcf versions contain the various sections of the designs in layers and so allow anyone to break the designs apart and recolour/redesign them in The GIMP as they see necessary.

Further information about ASR and the coat of arms can be found at the following URLs:


Please feel free to use these designs as you want and modify them for personal use, all I ask is that you give me (and the people who did the original designs) credit where appropriate.

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